Fertilizer Program


PrairieStone, Inc. is able to offer customers healthy lawns through the application of EPA registered products by our Kansas State Board of Agriculture licensed technicians. Whether your lawn is already established or you would like us to start from the beginning, our program safely offers a 6 treatment process.

Fertilizing Treatments:

#1 Early Spring: Pre-emergent Fertilizer

Dimension pre-emergent and light slow release nitrogen to prevent crabgrass, foxtail and most other annual grass weeds.

#2 Late Spring: Pre-emergent Fertilizer

Dimension pre-emergent and nitrogen fertilizer to extend the prevention of crabgrass throughout the growing season.

#3 Early Summer

A light fertilizer and insecticide application to control white grub and other surface feeding insects.

#4 Early Fall

High nitrogen fertilizer to relieve turf from summer stress and encourage root growth for nutrient storage.

#5 Mid Fall

Liquid herbicide application for control of broadleaf weeds, including clover and dandelions.

#6 Late Fall: High Nitrogen

Slow release nitrogen fertilizer application to build a stronger root system through the winter and reduce the need for heavy fertilizer in the spring.

Preventative Fungus Control Program
Liquid fungicide applied in three applications for prevention and control of most common fungi including dollar spot, brown patch and summer patch.

Our commitment is to customer satisfaction. PrairieStone, Inc. would like to help you plan, implement, and maintain your landscaping projects. Please contact us to show you the products and services we have available to you.